Brandon Boyd


Brandon Boyd

Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society of Henderson, NC was founded in 2011 by Charles “Brandon” Boyd, and he continues in the role of president of this organization.

Since early childhood, Brandon has had a great love for animals. When he was a young boy in elementary school, he would often visit the Vance County Animal Shelter, which was located near the school he was attending. On one occasion, he came home from school and gathered all loose change and some money that he had saved and returned to the shelter to pay the adoption fee for a small terrier (he named, Lassie) that was minutes away from euthanasia. All other animals in the shelter had sadly met their fate that day, but he was determined that Lassie would not face the same sad ending. He brought her home in his arms, and needless to say, his entire family loved Lassie for many years and now have wonderful memories of her.

As time passed, Brandon’s love and compassion for animals deepened, and it was a personal conviction of his to one day start an animal rescue organization that would be dedicated to saving impounded animals from the horror of euthanasia. Animals are impounded at the county shelter daily. Many of them have serious medical issues; others are discarded like yesterday’s trash, and many are picked up from roaming the streets on the verge of starvation and neglect. No animal should suffer like this, and Brandon’s convictions have paid off. Years have passed since the founding of Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society, and so much has been accomplished. Thousands of animals have been granted a second chance at the kind of life they deserve. They now receive emergency medical care; they are given hope; they are given love; and they are given the gift of life.

With a project of this magnitude, the work never stops or gets a break. We are truly grateful for our Rescue Coordinator, Michelle Wood, and an amazing team of volunteers who spend every Friday night preparing for the Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society “Ride to Freedom.” Our transport driver, Ricky, safely transports these sweet animals to safe havens and rescues along the Eastern Seaboard. He is met with many smiling faces as he safely delivers each and every animal to their destination. After his journey of close to 1,000 miles, plans for the next weeks rescue is in progress.

With animal intake at the shelter at an all time high, we are always actively seeking new donors to help us in our efforts to save animals. We cannot do this job alone, and we would love for you to join us in making happy endings possible.