Michelle Horner Wood

Rescue Coordinator

Michelle Horner Wood

In 2013, Michelle saw a post by a RCAPS volunteer and it peaked her interest. She sent an inquiry about volunteering and quickly fell in love with helping the animals. She was soon spending her weekends taking pictures, posting  animals needing homes, helping with the RCAPS page, answering questions, connecting needy animals to rescues, and doing transport as well as working each Friday night on the Ride to Freedom. 

In 2014, Michelle officially became Rescue Coordinator for RCAPS and this work has been her love and her life for the past five years. 

Michelle spends 5 to 6 days a week at the shelter, as the shelter photographer taking pictures and videos of daily animal intakes, evaluating the animals and then posting them for rescue. She also works with the shelter on vetting animals that are sick/injured and also with their spay/neuter programs.

Michelle has worked tirelessly to build relationships with rescues up and down the east coast to find placement for the animals that come through the shelter doors. 

Her work has saved the lives of thousands of needy, homeless and abused animals. 

Ruin Creek Animal Protection Society would not be where it is today without her dedication and passion to this cause and the foundation that supports it.